"Just two more minutes Dad, I promise!"

Computer and Internet Timer.  Parental Control software.


- Controls who uses the computer, when and for how long.

- Limits user's time on Internet, games and chatting.

- Eliminates arguments and frees up time for homework, family or exercise.

For standalone or networked computers.

For Windows 7*/Vista*/XP/2000/9x

The future of ENUFF PC

ENUFF PC was the first computer timer of its kind to be developed and introduced 12 years ago. It was constantly updated and it remained the world's best for over 8 years.

Following the release of windows Vista and 7 however, many of the features in ENUFF PC and other similar programs are now included in the operating systems. Consequently, we will not be further developing and promoting ENUFF PC.

We will however continue to support our existing ENUFF PC users and those who already know of this product and may still purchase it in the near future through this website.


*(not fully compatible with Windows 64 bit)

ENUFF PC, the parental control computer timer and computer timers free-trial software program does wonders. A parent or administrator can block or limit the kid's (children's) Internet access or limit the time they spend on line (on-line). Get a free trial copy of ENUFF PC  (enough), the ultimate guardian pc control (pc timer) that blocks (limits, restricts) children's access to the computer and Internet. This shareware program which can limit (limits) time on the computer (computers) has been rated by many websites as a great Parental Controls (timer) software. Simple to operate Internet and computer blocking programs (Parental Controls) are hard to find and it is Akrontech's pleasure to introduce such free-trial computer timers and Internet timer or timers software programs for those who have addiction or compulsion (compulsive) to the Internet and computers. The new Enuff (enough) parental control (controls) and Internet blocking or timer (timers) software limits time, is free for 30-days and it can limit the time users (children, kids and employees, employee spend wondering or surfing the Internet when they are not supposed to. When using ENUFF (enough), you can restrict your kids' access to addictive computer games. ENUFF PC (enough), the parental control free trial software does wonders because it limits or eliminates computer and Internet arguments in the family and it works well in business, libraries, internet cafes cafe and many more places. Computer and Internet addiction / compulsion has become a serious problem in families and children as well as among adults. Children have all sorts of problems at school, work and at home and people are overweight. The personal weight gain (obesity, obese children) is another serious issue lately.  ENUFF PC is an excellent way to limit time on the computer.

Links for further study:         http://www.enuffpc.com   , http://www.nancypriftis.com, http://www.surfsafety.com